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EDIT: I just got my answer direct from Godfrey: "To answer your question, yes tbe StagePro sends either guitar through the effects chain. Designed it for Barry Sless who plays pedal steel and obel guitar through the same rig and pedalboard. StagePro switches seemlessly through both." I just ordered mine, it's #391.

Question for Will (wpmartin1979) re: your new Hubbub Stage Pro -

When you have both an OBEL-equipped guitar and a regular guitar (in the Aux input) plugged into the unit at the same time, when you footswitch from the OBEL guitar to the Aux guitar, does the signal from the Aux guitar still go through your same effects loop as for the OBEL guitar?


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I was interested in their Wolf guitar, but I got a new one from Phred and decided to just do my usual thing and upgrade it a bit. Good to know what to expect with the Eastwood Jerry guitars (Nut, Fret buzz etc), not knocking it at all. Just saying id rather know what to expect and be prepared to do that, than thinking its gonna come all perfect etc. Thanks for posting this Will and thanks to everyone else for chiming in. :-)

I still may one day get a Eastwood Wolf ;-)
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