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I use a TS9 clone with the + feature and i run the gain low. Imho i an NAIL a Jerry tone with this pedal, pick softly and its nice and clear, dig in and it gets rough. My fav dist/od pedal t use by far. I go back and forth depending on the song with my DOD 250 clone and a GL custom drive. So i have 3 different distortion tones to play with. But the tone i always come back to is the TS9. Im also running a BBE Boosta pedal at all times on about 10am on the dial.

This thru a Fender or my SMS CTP preamp is amazing sounding. I personally dont like the MXR Dist+, i owned a nice 70s one and i just didnt like the tone. May have worked for Jerry, but it didnt like my picking style it seemed. Different strokes for diff folks.

The TS9 sounds wonderful with either my Wolf guitars or my G&L guitars. I can get 70s-90 perfect, after that im not as big of a fan of Jerrys tone. Its not bad, but its not the same. I do like his later clean tone a lot though.

-Walt B
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Darkstar860 wrote: Fri Aug 05, 2022 5:44 am I use a TS9 clone with the + feature and i run the gain low. Imho i an NAIL a Jerry tone with this pedal
Could you please post a clip and share your settings? I've never found the TS variants to be a good match for Jerry tone (too middy for my rigs and taste and it can't be dialed out). I would love to hear and see how you've done it.

Myself, I traded away my last TS variant (Reverend Drivetrain II) last month and replaced it with my second Fulltone Fulldrive 2, the FM (flat mids) blue version with the pull for comp cut switch. Love that pedal! It ditches the TS's hard wired mid boost. I fully understand if others prefer their TSs but this is the overdrive for me. Also, the FD2's 2nd footswitchable boost function is awesome for kicking leads up a notch and for slide.

My second FD2 was for this backup board that I'll be taking with me to SOCAL this winter.

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Ill try to get a video done tonight ;-)

One thing about the TS pedals is the tone pot, make sure that tone pot is set to like 4pm ish. Or you get a mid rush from the TS, you want to really push the highs out of the TS9. And this is a very sensitive to your guitars vol and tone pot and your picking hand. :-)
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