#173243  by Jon S.
I've been reading wonderful things about this pedal. For just $115, it seems like a steal. Anyone own or try one?

https://www.smokinamp.co/product-page/m ... ope-filter

 #173244  by Darkstar860
Yeah I spotted that same video a few weeks ago. Id like to try one out, but in the video there are a few things im hearing it do that im not a huge fan. Hard to explain but the way it quacks is different to my ears than the Micro IV. The Micro IV just nails "that" sound, if your after "that" sound there isnt anything else new that does it quite like the Micro IV does. But if your not chasing "that" tone than it doesnt matter. Im always trying to get that Dead Ahead tone that you hear on Fire on the Mtn. Some filters may nail the studio sound of Jerry, but im after the live Jerry tone and some filters just dont sound right to me. But these are just my opinions and my ears, so dont let anything I say stop you ;-)
 #173245  by Jon S.
It's hard to impossible to be certain from the video alone because:

(1) We know little about the rest of the demo'er's rig.
(2) He demos a limited variety of pedal settings (perhaps the one that "nails it" is in-between).
(3) We don't know the demo'ers' acumen in emulating Jerry generally.

What I'm saying is it's possible the demo'er would be equally "off" had he been demoing the real thing instead - we just don't know.

This all being said, I am quite curious about the pedal. I just might decide to cop one and demo it myself!