#172268  by Jon S.
I can't help myself - I need another Strat like a hole in the head but I'm finding myself unexpectedly attracted to this one and the early buzz is it'll cost $850. Anyone else in the same boat?!

https://www.musicradar.com/news/prs-se- ... r-revealed

 #172270  by lbpesq
Not too crazy about the Poplar body. And between my original '61 Olympic White, and my home-built Warmoth Chambered Black Korina body/Flame Koa top with Modulus Blackknife neck and Alembic PUs/electronics, I'm think I'm set for Strats.

Bill, tgo
 #172304  by lbpesq
Jon S. wrote: Tue Jan 11, 2022 4:25 am OK, you got me laughing with that response!

Though on a serious note, what I meant by poplar grows like a weed is that it’s a sustainable, environmentally friendly wood,

So is my cannabis. Very sustainable, very environmentally friendly, and grows like a weed!


Bill, tgo
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 #172369  by perljam
I played the Silver Sky once. It felt oddly cheap, like the plastic pick guard and switch was just wobbly. It sounded great and played great, but I'd take a FCS or Nash Strat over it any day. I have a PRS which is great, and a few Strats. I assume this is a great guitar but that it also suffers from the same 'cheapness' as the expensive one.
 #172372  by Jon S.
By now, I've watched and read literally a hundred+ reviews and comments on the SS. These have included what I'd thought were every possible compliment and complaint across the board. This is the first time I've encountered someone unhappy with the SS's pickguard quality and switch feel. But our guitar choices, are always a personal mix of the guitars and ourelves. And certainly, you'll never find me discouraging anyone from playing a FCS or Nash.

FWIW, my own S-style guitar of choice is my heavily modded '98 Reverend USA Avenger. Not everyone can handle a guitar with a body made from phenolic resin (think Formica). But hey, if I'm playing it while fishing and get lucky, I can flip the guitar over and carve up my catch right then and there. Can't do that with a PRS or Fender. :lol:

 #172376  by Chocol8
He’s not the only one. I went into a local shop with some extra money I received that I fully intended to spend on a Silver Sky. As much as I wanted to love it and buy it, I couldn’t. The plastic knobs, switch, and tuners all had a cheap feel that I just couldn’t shake. It was like someone put the plastic steering wheel and dashboard from a 90’s Geo Metro into a new Bentley. WTF? I can see not wanting to be exactly like a Fender, but at that price point everything needs to be better than a MIM, not worse.

I ended up leaving with a lightly used Fender MIA that felt and played better other than the need for a new nut and upgraded pickups. Saved me $1000 but that was not the reason nor the goal.
 #172383  by Jon S.
I predict PRS is going to sell tons of the SS SEs, especially in light of Fender’s recent significant price hikes. Also, their Mayer promo video (totally by John and with the guitar through a clean amp) is a model for the right way to do them - like a TED Talk for affordable guitars:

 #172386  by Jon S.
lbpesq wrote: Fri Jan 21, 2022 10:01 amRemember, before he got paid to play PRS, Mayer was playing Alembics. Just sayin’.
Are you suggesting it means, analogously to Jerry moving from Gibsons to his later guitars, Mayer decided to upgrade?


In any event, Mayer moved to PRS because Paul Reed Smith listened to and worked with him. Otherwise, it's Fender he'd be with still, not Alembic.

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 #172387  by Jon S.
I must acknowledge that both PRS and Mayer are trigger topics for some if not many Deadhead musicians. Myself, I own and play a PRS (in addition to a dozen other guitars) and listen to and enjoy Mayer's music for this reason, only: for me, they play and sound great. Other opinions are always welcome and respected. It would be a boring world if everyone bet on the same horse.