#170967  by Jon S.
I'm putting this in its own thread because it's both a preamp and power amp.

This relatively new unit is interesting me now because it has the features I need at a great price:

- $249 new
- includes 24V power supply if you want to use the built in 25W Class D amp
- also runs on a regular 9V supply for just the preamp or 1W output
- 3 US amp styles, including "65"
- can run into an external guitar speaker, XLR out, or headphones out
- built in reverb
- built in cab sim (choose bright, normal, or FRFR)

Really curious for feedback from anyone who actually has one and especially whether it works for Jerry tone.

https://www.quilterlabs.com/manuals/183 ... manual.pdf


 #170968  by lbpesq
And here I thought you were divesting Jerry rigs. Ha! That didn’t last long!


Seriously, though, I haven’t tried this new one, but I have a Quilter MicroPro 200-8 and a 101 Mini Reverb. Love their gear. The only exception was their MicroBlock 45 pedal (which they don’t make anymore). I found it to be too distorted for GD type music. Their limiter control is intriguing. Lets you crank it, but still keep it on the clean side. If this new one was 50 instead of 25 watts, I’d be all over it. I’ll be looking forward to your review if you pick one up.

Bill, tgo
 #170969  by Jon S.
lbpesq wrote: Sun May 16, 2021 10:34 am And here I thought you were divesting Jerry rigs. Ha! That didn’t last long!

Pwned! :lol:

I've (so far, at least) kept my MC50. It's getting lonely and for a measley $249, the new Quilter unit looks to be just the thing to drive it because of the XLR and headphone outs. I'll just use one of my JBL-loaded 1X12 cabs for the SuperBlock and MC50 and my second such cab as I'm using now for my SMS into the DCM200L. So that will be using the unit only as a preamp but I'll have the option to drive a guitar cab with it, too, should I want to at some point.
 #171827  by lbpesq
Been hearing more and more good things about these. This morning I got an email from Musician's Friend with a 20% off code, so I jumped on one (retail has increased to $279). Supposed to arrive in about a month.

Bill, tgo
 #171829  by lbpesq
I also got the US. There are apparently UKs out there, but the US version is a little backed up. I’m also likely sell my MicroPro 200/matching cab and grab the Aviator Mach 3 when it’s released.
There’s what looks like a 50 watt prototype for sale currently on Sacramento Craigslist.

https://sacramento.craigslist.org/msg/d ... 46351.html

Bill, tgo
 #171830  by Jon S.
Yeah, saw that, too. One of the interesting things to me is how Quilter's nomenclature evolved from the prototype to the final version. E.g., OD Special became Sweet. I'm excited to test drive that setting, BTW, I love the Robben Ford-like singing OD Special-type tone.