#170875  by Jon S.
When we lose all ability to laugh at and accept (strengths and warts) ourselves and others, we shrink our worlds. I, too, am sorry to see you go. Extremely so, actually, because I've benefitted your thoughtful gear opinions and like you personally. I'd have thought our many prior exchanges, both in the main forum and through PMs, demonstrated this. As a result, I'd begun to think of you not merely as an internet annonymity but as a new friend with whom we could be lighthearted together. It hadn't occurred to me that the one, maybe two posts you've construed differently would suffice to negate everything else. If I should have, I apologize. But if you're truly as upset now as your departing words say, I respect your decision and wish you well. P.S. I never even saw your cookie analogy and still haven't (sorry, I don't read every post by everyone here). Just so you know.