#169379  by wpmartin1979
So I finished customizing the Carvin DC145.

Here are the pics:


I’d appreciate if someone could help put them in the post. No matter what I do I can’t figure out how to capture the image location with my iPhone 11.

Replaced the stock humbuckers with Dimarzio Super 2s. I had to dremmel out the the cavities a bit to fit the Super 2’s in ... went with nickel plated for the cool factor!

Then I wired a coil split switch. I was nervous about drilling the hole, but went for it and it turned out nice! The switch splits both pups in the neck and the bridge.

With this setup I get amazing tones for days!!! The Super 2s sound way better (stronger) than the PAF style Carvin pups did. I keep them split and then if I hit the switch it’s like stepping on a boost pedal. Of course, the DGN middle pup feels like home.

This was a fun project. I freakin love this guitar ... the action is so fast and it plays better than any other guitar I have. It’s my new go to!!!!