#60000  by Scott Bardolf
Where do I start? The house is SOLD OUT! Hundreds of fingers in the air outside the Garden. Cosmic Charlie opener is a little lack-luster.....China Cat is SWEET! Lots of signature Weir riffage going on.... Wait, is that... it can't be, gimme those binoculars! Yes, Weir rockin' the pink Modulus!!!!!! Shakedown......Powerful Warren..... Strong Ship of Fools, Cassidy..... Well, you saw the setlist!

Second set just needs to be listened to! Unbelievable how tonight just blew the pants off of the Nassau show! Epic tunes from the late 60's catalogue and then, real trippy Cryptical out of space, Phil was eerily singing this under a weird space jam> Other One was strong.... Gimme Shelter out of left field! Sick energy in the Garden last night! SICK SICK SICK..... Thank you Thank you thank you for a REAL GOOD TIME!!!!
 #60003  by tigerstrat
Awesome post! ...but why in the Think Tank?

Pink Modulus?! GTFOOH!! :cool:
 #60004  by phpbb
moved it
 #60013  by Scott Bardolf
Was running out to work this a.m. when I wrote this "review", of course I was late! The band was on fire last night guys! They really did right by Jerry and the legacy of the Grateful Dead ! Jam out of Shakedown was intense.... 20,000 people helping Weir sing He's Gone properly!!!!!! Jeff Chimenti got the ovation of a lifetime after his solo pass on Sugaree!!! Sounded like the Rangers just won the Stanley Cup. The second set just needs to be listened to! Period!

If any of ya'll are on the fence about this Dead lineup, Warrens playing, ticket prices etc etc.. these guys are still mining some diamonds! Some of those Mid-West/ West Coast shows are gonna smoke!
 #60014  by warrenMFKNhaynes
So what did warren sing? Ship of fools i hope. Can't wait to here the Gimme Shelter :cool:
 #60026  by old man down
Is that the first time the Dead and/or The Grateful Dead have played Gimme Shelter? Can't wait to hear it.

Went into the city on Saturday Night to bar hop. For some reason no traffic going in around 8:00 pm. Got my tunnels mixed up at the Lincoln and took the left tunnel headed to W 30th. Just kept following signs and finally got my bearings at a traffic light. On the left was the Post Office and on the right was MSG.

So I told everyone in the car that The Dead were playing there right now. "Oh, they are?" No one knew.

Then, on driving out of the city, once again I found myself at MSG, now at around 12:30 am, and it must have let out not too long before. A lot of heads "wandering" about with no heeding red lights or anything. Had to drive real slow around them.

Sounds like it was a great show. Their first SOLD OUT! (That always makes them feel good!) :smile:
 #60028  by strumminsix
warrenMFKNhaynes wrote:So what did warren sing? Ship of fools i hope. Can't wait to here the Gimme Shelter :cool:
Yes & you'll love GS! The place sounded like it exploded!
 #60038  by 1960strat
The TS9's are because Warren is addicted to OD. I was at both Nassau and MSG and havent heard a clean tone from him yet... I have tried to not be critical but it is getting to me a little after 2 shows.