#63549  by kenneybonz
:twisted: i gotta ask, and I am not sure I have my own opinion, but I loved WH on this tour.
I saw him do Easy Wind and it was so fantastic that I thought it was the best one song he did on this tour.
Then today I came across the Meadowlands Days Between (http://www.archive.org/details/dead2009 ... nak.flac16) and could not believe it..
Branford is on this one too, so maybe that makes it..
but it sure brings back the 90s GD to me in spririt
Then the easy wind (http://www.archive.org/details/thedead2009-04-14.CMXY4V) at the MCI Center in DC. brought back the whole 71-ish sound to me
and :smile: , this query can be asked without discussing whether Warren punished his envelope filter :lol:
thoughts? tom
 #63559  by tigerstrat
I don't even have to listen to these (but I will) to choose "Easy Wind". I'll admit "Days" gave me a few chills when Jerry was singing it, but it was just. SO. sllllllllowwwwwwww; great lyrics, but I have never been enthusiastic about it, especially post-GD.
 #63600  by kenneybonz
yea i heard that rothbury..my son was working at it and managed to film that shakedown on his digital video recorder... i know that he is putting it up somewhere like you tube.. it's certainly dvd quality.. not like cell phones held up over your head..
but that's a great shakedown B, what a tour, just wish there were more camping still to come..
but then GOTV is just days away...
and TS, this days was even slower, lol.. so you were probably right to go with easy wind ear unheard ( that being the relative to sight unseen)
peace y'all.. tk