#60534  by Scott Bardolf
I really hope Warren sings Just Alittle Light or Blow Away. Probably saving it for Mountain View?
 #60550  by KCJones
That would be cool. Problem is, all Brents songs are pretty depressing, or at least were written and sung by a pretty depressed person. I don't think those songs can be, or willing to be, channeled through Warren. Warren seems like a pretty happy easy go lucky, grateful to be alive, type. Lets see though. I'll be at the Sunday Shoreline show, truckin in from Kansas City.
 #60580  by mttourpro
FWIW, I ran into a good friend of mine in Greensboro who knows Warren a bit and has worked with Mickey as well. He told me Warren is going to sing Tons of Steel and was of the opinion he was gonna sing it in Greensboro---of course that didn't happen and still hasn't---so, either he was dead wrong or Warren just hasn't done it yet. I suppose time will tell. IMHO, they oughtta have Warren sing Blow Away.
 #60583  by NashvilleMike
As the great Ed once uttered after an Alpine show "Brent IS the band"

"Don't need love" is a great soulful song that I have always loved in addition to "Never trust a woman".
 #60589  by paulee
Personally, I would love and think that Warren would nail "Blow Away"! Probably my fav from Brent. This is not a depressing song.
 #60591  by Scott Bardolf
Based on your assumption that Warren is a "happy, easy go lucky, grateful to be alive" type of guy, is that why he's singing Days Between? Now there's a upbeat, happy song?????? Warren has sung Just Alittle Light in the past, and will do justice to any Brent tune he chooses whether it be We Can Run, Tons of Steel, Never Trust a Women, Easy to Love You etc.....All fine songs...... Come on guys, play one for brother Brent!!!!!