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 #167677  by firewheel2020
 Wed Jul 22, 2020 7:26 pm
I've been using rukind for probably 15 years, in my quest for the sound, and finally officially joined the family! Been playing guitar for probably 30 years. I didnt really start to focus on gd guitar playing until 10 years ago and rukind is always my "go-to" for tabs. I saw the dead one time - in 1992 in Hamiton, Ontario, Canada (eh!). But more recently I loved going to Further and D&C shows. Hope the music resumes soon!

Current rig:
-Fender strat with an dimarzio area 58 in the middle, and alembic stratoblaster preamp.
-SMS CTP with jerry mod
-Mcintosh MC250
-hardtruckers cabinet with 2x12 beyma liberty's
-pedals include analog delay, EH Qutron, analogman tubescreamer, mutron octave divider

I recently ordered a Phred Scarlet Wolf with super 2's - looking forward to connecting it to my current setup. I also recently obtained a Milkman 50W amp and connected it to a 1x12 beyma liberty for portability. Love the sound out of the milkman.

Thanks to all for the years of tabs and discussions in the forums!
 #167679  by lbpesq
 Thu Jul 23, 2020 10:03 am
Hi, Firewheel, and welcome to the forum. I, too, have the “big rig” (Alembic F-2B Pre > Carvin DCM200L > two 1x12 cabs loaded with JBL K120s), and the more modern far more portable rig (Quilter). It seems the older I get, the better the little light rig sounds! Lol!

Bill, tgo