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 #166645  by carlo zakers
 Mon Dec 23, 2019 11:01 pm
hello... i play guitar... i have been in a Grateful Dead cover band since 1987 "Perfunctory This Band" ... in the last 3 years i have started making Jerry Garcia / Grateful Dead guitar lesson videos (w TABs) on youtube ...

here is an example of one of my lessons ...

in addition, i have been playing in a Queen cover band "Black Queen" for a few years now ... as well as a Neil Young tribute band "Rust Never Sleeps" ... i am from Spfld, IL, and have been playing guitar 43 years...

here is a link to my page and a list of the lessons you will find there... i hope to post all the videos here on rukind under each of the song names, as well ... (thanks for running such a great site!... ) ... YdVX4LO9zA

songs covered so far ...

Bertha - Skull & Roses - Garcia solo
Help on the Way / Slipknot
The Eleven
So Many Roads (Jerry's Last Show)
Senor - Jerry Garcia Band
Easy Wind
Ship of Fools
Crazy Fingers
Terrapin Station
Money, Money
Unbroken Chain
St Stephen
Built to Last
Blow Away
Lazy Lightning
Mason's Children

you will also find lessons on Duane Allman ... Dickie Betts ... Eric Clapton ... and the Hooters on my youtube page ... thanks for reading ... have a most grateful day!
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