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 #160652  by Mojohand811
 Sat Mar 10, 2018 5:24 am
Hey Now...

Well, I've been scoping out this forum for a while now. Most times I have gear questions, I get great advice here. Now I'm signed up and can ask you questions!

I am a musician with home base in Placerville, CA. My main band is Achilles Wheel. We've been playing all over Northern California and some in Oregon and Washington. Where an original rock band that started out playing covers and a lot of Dead. We called ourselves DeadAhead. In 2011, started introducing originals and changed the band name. We've got a lot of different influences from blues, country, bluegrass, gospel, world, folk, which all show themselves in our tunes. We approach the music with a similar mind set as the Dead, so it's always an adventure every show! We're excited to have just released our fourth studio album, Sanctuary. Check us out at

When I'm not booked with AW, I fill in the calendar performing solo, or duo/trio, and with throw together ensembles at breweries, pubs, clubs, wineries, and restaurants. AW will play as a trio with bass and acoustic guitars. I have a monthly gig every first Thursday at the Torch Club in Sacramento with what I call the Jonny Mojo Band, usually a trio, sometimes adding keys. Jammy blues, country, and rock. I also have a monthly gig on third Thursdays in Nevada City at the Crazy Horse. We call it Grateful Thursday and pay tribute to the Dead and Jerry. I host it with one of the drummers from AW and we change up the musicians every month calling the group, Band Beyond Description. We've had members of Mars Hotel, Dead Winter Carpenters, Hot Buttered Rum, Grateful Bluegrass Boys, The Sometimers, Midnight North, Poor Man's Whiskey. It's super fun and has a different chemistry every time.

I am also greatly honored to be playing semi regularly at Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael. That place is awesome with really fantastic house musicians. A lot of those gigs are mix matched ensembles and always a blast. On that bar stage I've gratefully played with Graham Lesh, Scott Law, Stu Allen, Scott Guberman, Alex Jordan, just to name a few of the many extremely talented musicians. I've watched Phil play there, which is pretty damn cool in such an intimate setting. If you haven't been, I suggest high steppin' there immediately!

Born in '81, I unfortunately never got to see Jerry. I just started searching for the sound in '95. My first Phil & Friends show was in 2000 at Shoreline with Bob Dylan. The friend I went with was going to see Dylan and could care less about seeing P&F. When we left he was blown away by Phil, as was I!

I like to tinker with my guitars. I just installed a Waldo preamp in my '99 PRS CE 24. Sounds great! But my tone know won't work. All the solders look sound. Replacing all the pots soon.

Jerry has definitely influenced my quest for tone. It's a great palate to get tones for blues, country, and rock. My main rig is a SMS Classic tube preamp into a Mesa 50/50 power amp with a JBL E120 in a 1x12 cabinet.

Anyway, that's my introduction. Sorry for the novel! Come on out to a show and say hi. Festival season is coming!


Jonny 'Mojo' Flores
 #160688  by Mojohand811
 Sun Mar 11, 2018 9:24 pm
Thanks, Todd! Good thing I'm still borrowing your K120. My E120 went intermittent one night, then stopped all together the next! Got to love vintage gear! Keep rockin', brother!