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 #157474  by ryan9699
 Sat Jul 15, 2017 4:17 pm
Hi everyone!

My name is Ryan and I'm 17 years old. Even though I am relatively new to the Dead, I've been playing guitar most of my life.

I believe that I've found this music at the right time in my life- anxious to explore and figure out new things. Needless to say, this music has changed my life.

I don't think there has ever been a sound I have ever strived after so much before I heard the Dead for the first time. A friend of mine showed me Dark Star from Dick's Picks Volume 2 while we were driving to the record store. I pulled over the car and listened to the whole thing. All I could say was "Woah, dude. Just woah."

That was about a month ago, and since then I've been on a wild goose chase to track down every LP and CD I could find with any of the Dead on it. That goes as far as getting all of the Grisman and Garcia CD's as well (Jerry's playing on those albums are phenomenal).

While I'm still new to the whole experience, I believe this is something I will be pursuing for a very long time. I work in a guitar store, and I spend most of my time in there playing Jerry licks through a Fender Twin Reverb with an Alembic Further or a Custom Shop Strat. I guinea-pig pedal configurations all the time, and I hope to get my very own twin head and custom speaker cab someday. Emphasis on SOMEDAY.

Anyway, that's my schpeel. Thanks for having me!