name, city, instrument, years of playing, current band, gear
 #155360  by bluesforbuddha
 Mon Jan 23, 2017 3:00 pm
Hello All,

Hope you are having a wonderful beginning to 2017.
I'm an experienced guitarist who has only recently been delving into the music of Jerry and The Dead (for about a year).
It's been an amazing time, and the rabbit hole of exploration of this music is deep.
I thought I'd just give a shout to see if there was anyone at all near Ringwood, NJ who might want to get together to jam.
This means Bergen, Rockland, rural Passaic, etc.
I can also play bass and sing. Played with many bands for years, mostly prog rock, experimental stuff, ELP tribute band if you
can believe that, some Zappa and King Crimson, but mostly originals.
Not looking for anything too serious or too perfectionistic just now, but miss getting together and enjoying jamming with like minded people.

I introduced myself here last September, and I'll ad the info about rig. etc. below.
Direct message me if you are interested.
Namaste y'all. DT


Since I have become completely obsessed with the the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia, I've been playing mostly through a Phiga Bolt, Troy Post Wolf Clone, Kohl Super Glide Almighty & Hahn Telecaster,. The pedalboard has the basics, with an Earth Drive > Tube Driver >Freeze Pedal > Q-tron > vintage phase 90 > Ross Compressor > Strymon Deco - all running into a Boomerang II. Amps are either a Sarno into a Carvin DCM200L into a cabinet with JBL e120, 67 Princeton Reverb or Fuchs ODS 60 combo.

For the last 9 years, I've been playing with Mark Christensen in a psychdelic/improv band named The Stone Document. An example of some of our tracks can be found here

The theme song of this podcast is me playing the most Dead inspired (rip off?) track I've yet recorded: ... -episode-1

Sending wishes for peace and love to the community.
 #155471  by tatittle
 Wed Feb 01, 2017 10:58 am
Sorry I just moved down South from Montclair or I would call on you. This forum takes awhile for mssgs. to get to evrybody, people dont check in daily. So dont get discouraged too quickly. Plus there arent thousands of active members here either. Alas there really arent that many competent musicians with time to start new projects in any given area; even NYC these days; perhaps moreso when it comes to what the masses would (ignorantly) consider "nostalgia". Though I have noticed alot of 25+ yr olds jumping into the Dead/Garcia with both feet lately, so I am confident there will be a potential band to be had based in the Dead in most areas for decades to come.

Really cool looking project with Christensen...Im gonna enjoy some of the vids now :)