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 #154448  by therobthompson
 Tue Nov 08, 2016 8:08 pm
Hey I'm Rob :-) Actually these days I live in the adjoining town of Alameda, Ca, but I'm from Oakland. First show was summer after high school 7/15/84 Greek, last was 12/31/88, caught about 85 Dead and about 15 JGB shows in all. In '89 I exited the bus and moved to an almost Grateful Dead-less planet for almost 22 years. Upon returning to my homeland, the discovery of the thriving Dead inspired and related music scene here in the Bay area was a major shock of the best kind. I continue to be awed and humbled by the scene I've been pretty immersed in since 2011, and to regularly see and be friends with many astonishing musicians including Stu Allen and Mark Karan. Phil's Terrapin Crossroads is like a small miracle too, where Phil plays regularly and often for free with a rotating cast of talent. I'm a pig in shit as it were :D
Anyways my main axe is a Martin JC-40 and I play mostly your Countryish/Americana/Acoustic old rock tunes kinda stuff and play sideman to my songwriter girlfriend. The electric itch has brought me here to RUKind. Been pretty strictly acoustic all these years but now I'm planning out a rig and surveying people's opinions and journeys and stuff they've tried, it's awesome!

Peace and surely see you around the forums.

 #154457  by johngtr67
 Wed Nov 09, 2016 9:21 pm
Hey there!
I play with a few different ensembles in the area doing the dead thing. I'd like to invite you to play sometime if you are into it.
I play guitar and sing. I'm in Danville, but play often in Mill Valley, Novato and sometimes Oakland or other east bay locales.

 #154476  by therobthompson
 Fri Nov 11, 2016 1:57 am
Achille's Wheel rocks! Seen them several times. Hey John I'll call when I get a good time, always good to have folks to jam with. Are you in any bands I might have heard?