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Hey ya’ll. Mike here coming to you from Portland, Or. long time user of the tabs and chords on here but finally registered because I’m diving deeper these days. New hobby if you will. I am a long time on and off guitar player who does it out of love for the music and fun. I highly doubt I’ll ever be in a live performing band but I still love playing this stuff in my home and sometimes with a friend or two. I’m 49 by the way and I still get some Jerry in without fail every single day.

I recently bought a 1978 Ibanez mc 200. After about 6 months I realized that the pickups are shit. Recently bought some DGN custom pickups and his version of the stratoblaster. I’m currently reading and researching on how to install my two new humbuckers, one being a try-split as Dan at DGN calls it. The other is a tru PAF as he calls it. Those will drop in the cavities already there from the factory. I also got a JGS single coil that I’m going to route out a spot for in the middle position. Add the stratoblaster. And hopefully end up with a kick ass guitar soon. Do if anyone reads this and has a yearning to help a brother out with any advice, online tutorials, or even just some words of encouragement…. I will gladly take them. This was my introduction and as I get more involved, I’m sure I’ll be creating a post or two in the forums. Hope to talk to some of you soon.

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