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 #172892  by waldenmarshall
Hi everyone,

I'm Walden from the small town of Chesterfield, MA. My dad is a big Deadhead so the Dead was the soundtrack of my childhood, though I didn't really take the time to appreciate it until recently. Over the last five years or so I've gotten really into the Dead which has inspired me to teach myself guitar. I've been playing for three years now and sometimes do acoustic Dead sets in bars in Geneva, NY where I go to college. I've used rukind numerous times for chords or Dead research, so I figured I may as well get an account in case I want to contribute an opinion.

Happy to be here!
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 #172897  by Jon S.

And I'll be in MA myself in a couple of weeks, quite close to you, in fact. I'll be visiting a pal in Hadley (time to restock my supply of edibles, too :geek: ).
 #172900  by lbpesq
Hi Walden, and welcome to the forum. Always nice to have another head on the bus!

Bill, the guitar one
 #172903  by TI4-1009
Welcome! We get down to Hobart every few years for hockey games.
 #172905  by Gratefuldrifter65
Hey brother thats dope you playing dead tunes in bars ,only playing guitar for 3 years thats cool man.Im a slow learner though bro,lol took me along time to learn casey jones,but i got there.Welcome brother from matt in new zealand. 8)