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Hey there,
I just moved to South Burlington, Vermont from my home state of 46 years, Indiana. I have a soft spot for Indiana and I’ll always be a Hoosier but we had to try somewhere new. So far, so good. Life is different here in Vermont, and we are mostly digging it!
I play guitar, mandolin, a little Scruggs banjo, and I just started pedal steel.

I remember seeing the video for Touch of Grey in the 80’s…I would’ve been 11 or 12 maybe. I was into metal and thought Grateful Dead would’ve been a metal band. Still, I like this happy tune these grey dudes were playing. And the skeletons were cool. Then in 1993 I was hanging out in front of our local Village Pantry, where many local youth in my area converged on a weekend night looking for an adventure to embark upon, when I piled into a car with some people I didn’t even know that well because they asked “hey, you want to go to a Grateful Dead show?” Deer Creek, 93. What a night that was, all night. Changed everything. How long had this been going on? This rock and roll Gypsy caravan thing under the radar of mainstream American culture? We didn’t have tickets that night, just hung out in the lot. I was 17. Damn. Take me back. Camped all three nights in 94. Didn’t have tickets then either. Finally got a miracle ticket standing in the sun all afternoon at Deer Creek 95. The infamous gate/fence crashing show. Still say despite the death threat and all the rest, that was a good show for 95, listen to it! Glad I got to see Jerry in person, even if he was just this tiny figure way down there on the stage. I remember wondering if I should sneak into the pavilion to get a closer look like I had for so many other shows I’d been to there. “Nah, this is just the first of many Dead shows for me”, I thought, “no pressure.” What I didn’t know… carpe diem friends. You might not get another chance. I could go on. What a time to have been alive and young. :rasta: :rockon: Cheers, friends
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