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 #171611  by Chris P
Hello! Greetings from West Michigan.

My name is Chris, I'm in Grand Rapids. I play guitar, been playing since I was 16, I'm 35 now.

Recently started jamming with some dudes, which is pretty cool. I haven't jammed with anyone in several years.

As far as gear goes:
G&L ASAT Bluesboy w/Super 2 neck and Super Distortion T bridge
Fender Deluxe Players Strat (picked up recently, looks to be becoming my #1)
Epiphone SG Muse (I added middle Super 2 w/coil split, replaced 3 way w/5 way switch, master volume and tone control)

Princeton Reverb Reissue Amp (surprised this guy does great at my band practice, even with a drummer)

Bunches of pedals I swap in and out, but mainstays are my Peterson Strobostomp HD and BOSS DD-20 delay. I am experimenting with different OD pedals currently and just picked up a Donner Dynamic Wah which sounds pretty good (better than my micro QTron).