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 #169234  by brentolies
Hello everyone -

My name is Brent. I first became interested in the Dead in Summer of 2019, but fell off a bit last year. The obsession came roaring back recently along with my desire to really start playing guitar.

I'm currently using a 1980's Japanese strat with a blocked trem that I've named the 'Dalai Lasagna' and I play through a Boss Katana 50 mk II. I am working through the Hal Leonard guitar instruction because it deals more with the actual notes of the fretboard rather than just tablature. I'd certainly love any suggestions that someone might have regarding chord work specifically. I have a copy of Chord Khancepts, but it's way outside my knowledge and skill level right now.

Music wise, I love pretty much anything from 72. I love the whole Europe tour, and Veneta, and I LOVE 11/17/72 - my birthday, nine years before I was born.
 #169237  by lbpesq
Hi Brent, and welcome to the forum! Europe ‘72 is one of my favorites too. As for suggestions on chording, I would offer to learn many different ways to play the same chord up and down the neck. Are you familiar with the CAGED system? Weir is the king of inversions/different voicings of chords.

Bill, tgo
 #169239  by TI4-1009
Welcome fellow Buffalonian Brent! OK, so about 18 years before you were born I was sitting in my room in Amherst working through my first Mel Bay chord book- :lol: :lol: :lol:

I only get back to Buffalo once a year or so, but when I do we always hit John & Mary's, Schwabels, Bocces, Charlie the Butcher.

the 70s are my favorite Dead period too.

The biggest difference between then and now is the internet. There are so many online resources now that make it so much faster and easier to learn whatever you want to know, at whatever level you are. Whatever you want to know, someone has made a youtube video to teach you.