#173392  by Jon S.
Amen, Brother. The glass is half full. Choose joy!
 #173394  by Feedback
Jon S. wrote: Fri Jul 22, 2022 6:25 am LOL on the cookies!

I stand by my comments.

Every alternative suggested guitarist, if Bob had actually chosen him instead of JM, would be attracting either the same negativity as JM does from some people or (likely) worse.

I’m sorry Jerry’s long dead (small d), too. I still listen to him every single day, too. But putting down D&C and Mayer today will neither bring Jerry back nor bring anyone happiness.
No one could replace Jerry and I agree that there would always be some discussion about whoever tried. What I don't see (and admittedly have not read the entire thread) are the accusations that JM has been met with negativity and people are putting down D&C. Not liking them isn't "putting them down". Disagreement isn't hate.

I render a guess that most of the D&C audience never saw Jerry or certainly never saw him at his peak, so it is a completely different reference point.
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 #173395  by Jon S.
If you truly see no “putting down” here and elsewhere, I can but commend you on your positivity and wish for it to spread.
 #173433  by Jon S.
 #173435  by Feedback
tdcrjeff wrote:
Feedback wrote: Fri Jul 29, 2022 3:08 pm I don't know about elsewhere, but show me the posts here that are putting them down.
Carlo called 'em hacks and poor musicians.
https://rukind.com/viewtopic.php?f=360& ... 83#p171983
OK, ONE post. I don't consider them hacks, just uninteresting. Regardless, they are big boys who can take criticism, warranted or not. The need to come to their defense is more trying to confirm one's own belief. The band couldn't care less.
 #173436  by Jon S.
The difference between “I don’t like them” and “They suck” is not a difficult concept.
 #173437  by strumminsix
Jon S. wrote: Fri Jul 29, 2022 5:29 pm The difference between “I don’t like them” and “They suck” is not a difficult concept.
they don't suck... they slooooooooooooooooooooooooooow lol
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 #173440  by Jon S.
strumminsix wrote: Fri Jul 29, 2022 7:06 pm
Jon S. wrote: Fri Jul 29, 2022 5:29 pm The difference between “I don’t like them” and “They suck” is not a difficult concept.
they don't suck... they slooooooooooooooooooooooooooow lol
Serious reply.

Folks, don't believe the rumors you hear that everything is slowed down. They're inaccurate. Some songs are slowed down. Others are played at the same tempos they always were. Others have incorporated into them fusion-like segments that can be rockin'.

As I've experienced to be also true in so many other "matters of the Dead," in my experience, our reactions to changes by D&C to "how the Grateful Dead did it" are influenced by the lens through which we view the GD and, in particular, how fundamentalistically we approach the GD's "cannon."

People tending more to the fundamentalist side of the spectrum, in my experience, all other things being equal, are more critical of any such changes. In contrast, those of us who who are looser in this regard are more welcoming of them.

After 14 years with 3K plus posts, y'all know on which side of this dichotomy I stand. And I've previously shared my view multiple times that D&C are not the GD and never will be. Myself, I dig 'em for themselves.

The bottom line is I see zero downside to the band and a lot of positives. #1, perhaps, is how the band, with a huge contribution from Mayer, are fostering new generations of younger Deadheads.

P.S. Today is day 4 of Covid. So far, I appear to be weathering the storm relatively well. :smile:
 #173441  by lbpesq
I can certainly understand people liking D&C. I enjoyed the recent Wrigley Field slow I streamed. There are other Dead cover bands that I like, too. Some more than D&C. (I think part of the problem is some people relate to D&C as an extension of the Dead while others, like me, view them as a Dead tribute band). But I don't like them enough to pay the high prices and deal with the inconvenience of a large venue. If D&C played the Fourth Bore sports bar, like my friend’s band last night, I’d go see them. And if my friend’s band played at the Oakland Coliseum baseball stadium, and charged $200 a ticket, I wouldn’t. It’s not my intention is to put them down, it's just that D&C, at least for me, doesn’t have any of the magic of the Dead. But that’s O.K ., few other bands have ever approached it either. And few other band’s would entice me to pay $200 to squeeze in with 40,000 other people.

Now get off my lawn!

Bill, tgo
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 #173448  by Jon S.
I paid $96 for my covered ampitheatre seat for the July 8 D&C show in Bristol VA. Good luck finding tix this summer for major bands for less than this.
 #173449  by Jon S.
I get that some dislike older artists reinterpreting their songs more slowly. That's your right. For those who are OK with it, though, here's a new 7/24 video. What a powerful, moving interpretation by Joni of one of her classic songs. When artist and audience are open to it, it works, but it takes both.

Dana Newman
5 days ago
This is not a woman reaching to get back to her young self; this is a woman reinterpreting a song through who she has become.

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