#815  by jck_strw
Anyone have a nice intro or runs/licks for this song? I love this song, especially from the Almost Acoustic album.
 #91325  by tigerstrat
are we talking about the Ballad of Casey Jones here?
 #91335  by Billbbill
Well can't say what he's talking about but the when he was talking about it was oh, a little better than 6 years ago - figure that didn't slip by you tom - tryin to summon up jim? When's the last time he posted? Don't seem to remember him posting in quite awhile.
 #91341  by tigerstrat
I'm referring to this thread, not any specific poster to it.
 #94584  by swmr
So if I just registered because I really wanna learn this song...any got some ideas of how jerry played the song?

on Shady Grove i have it titled Casey Jones, and on Pure Jerry volume 2 I have it as the ballad of casey jones.

im not sure the best way to post music...so here is what i got sorry, i dont know how to the notes spaced properly

CASEY JONES - traditional

G G7 C G
One Sunday morning, look showerin' rain
'Round the bend come the passenger train
G G7 C G
In the cabin was Casey Jones
Noble engineer but he's dead and gone

Mrs Casey she heard the news
Sitting on her bed, she was lacing up her shoes
Children, children now catch your breath
You will draw a pension at your Papa's death

Children, children now get your hat
Tell me Mama what do you mean by that?
Get your hat, put it on your head
Go on to town, see your papa is dead
G G7 C G
G G7 C G
Casey said before he died
Fix the blinds so that the bums can't ride
If they ride, let them ride the rods
Put their trust in the hand of God

Casey said before he died
Two more roads that I want to ride
People said, what roads Casey can they be?
Old Colorado and the Santa Fe

Casey Jones was an old engineer
Called for his fireman, tonight he will fear
All I need is my water and coal
Look out the window, see my driving wheel roll