#168491  by hotasaPistol
was it just me but I watched every game of the world series and there was a lot of grateful dead snippets going into comercials
I know I heard Sugar Mags, Franklins, One More Saturday night, Estimated, Althea, Fire, Music never stopped

Also a few Allman Bros tunes

Just seemed odd since the games were in Texas

Im used to hearing them when its a 49er or SF Giants game in the Bay area

I wonder who got to pick out the tunes

Spread Kindness :wink:
 #168492  by tdcrjeff
It's a Fox Sports producer named Jake Jolly or his associates Bryan Biederman and Joe Carp.

https://www.bullhorn.fm/pauliespodcast/ ... erapy-plus
Paulie's Podcast 2-5: SB54 Therapy, Plus Our Guest, Fox Sports Producer Jake Jolly
Paulie, Creative Tony and Shannon Koehler of The Stone Foxes try to process the 49ers SB54 loss. Plus, perhaps you've heard Grateful Dead, Phish, Rush, The Clash, and others being played during NFL games on Fox? If so, you'll enjoy their conversation with Jake Jolly, the Fox Sports Producer who selects that music.

https://liveforlivemusic.com/media/vide ... eful-dead/
Beyond the Chiefs faithful, another group of die-hard fans got some excitement from the Super Bowl, regardless of whether or not their team made the playoffs: During the game’s broadcast on FOX, fans of Phish, the Grateful Dead, and The Revivalists with some keen ears and a quiet watch party caught snippets of some fan-favorite tunes as the network rolled into commercial breaks.
As Marks pointed out, all of these fine song selections have been the work of Jake Jolly, who works in the broadcast booth during FOX’s NFL broadcasts and just so happens to be an avid fan of The Phish From Vermont. FOX apparently does not yet know the lesson that so many friends of Phish fans have learned time and time again: never give us the AUX.
 #168496  by TI4-1009
Bill Walton hosted an ESPN special a few evenings ago titled Fire On The Mountain.
 #168499  by hotasaPistol
Much obliged now it makes sense......When the PGA golf tournament was played this year at Harding Park there was quite a bit also...........ironic that the dude who won the tournament had just graduated from Beserkely

I watched the Fire on the Mountain and it was cool

Reminded me of when I was skiing at Kirkwood and living in Tahoe in the 70's and 80's
we ate a lot of Vitamin A for breakfast and then tore it up we were powder junkies
When in doubt always follow the middle hallucination

Ran into Bill at a few shows......he bought me a beer and the Kaiser Auditorium......
 #168503  by TI4-1009
hotasaPistol wrote: Thu Oct 29, 2020 1:19 pm
...Ran into Bill at a few shows......he bought me a beer and the Kaiser Auditorium......
Bill bought you the Kaiser Auditorium!!?? :shock: