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There is a new version of the maps available. I have geocoded all but 30 venues.


Some new features:

1> No longer need zip codes, you can use any address information you have ("Detroit, MI", "Detroit", street addresses, etc).

2> Almost all venues geocoded: CAVEAT: I did a best guess at most of them, relying on base geocode information and a little looking around. If the venue doesn't exist, or I could find enough information, I used the city center. I figured that people will tell me how to correct each one, and it's simple to do with the "corrects" link, so, if your venue isn't exact, let me know.

Click on a Marker for Specific Venue Information:

3> Integrated into Wikipedia - now you can search on a venue and find out (or add) information into wikipedia. (winterland is a good example)

4> Integrated into Setlist program: If you find a venue and you want to find setlists, that is now available too.

5> Archive.org is still integrated.

6> Now you can easily create links or emails based on what you are looking at. If you want to add a map of a venue into a blog or on your own page, I've provided three types of links (URL, HTML Object or IFrame). Also, you can email the picture you are currently viewing.

<IFRAME SRC="http://maps.rukind.org/index.php/venues ... /Satellite" TITLE="rukind maps" height="208" width="400"></IFRAME>