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 #160288  by toddgardn
 Tue Feb 13, 2018 8:25 am
Hi all,

I'd love to share a recent recording effort that we just came out with that I hope comes across as familiar yet new with its similarity to the Dead's style and tones. I play in a GD cover group called the "Saints of Circumstance" here in Northern California and wrote this new album about a year ago in an attempt to create something somewhat original. I was able to get some super cool musicians on board, including Scott Guberman on keys, who's been working with Phil and others over in Marin at Terrapin Crossroads for a couple of years now. We were able to record his organ parts at TRI Studios on Brent's B3 (this effort is super not worthy of it, and yet another example to me of how kind and real this GD music scene can be), and ultimately Brad Sarno agreed to master the CD (I'm so blown away that he agreed to take on this humble project).

My guitar setup included a Troy Post Wolf guitar (with buffer/OBEL), and a very standard array of effects (notably Brad's Earth Drive, Solar Flare, SMS JG Preamp, both an Mc50 amp and Rocktron Velocity at times, and JBL k120 and Beyma Liberty speakers).

Take care, and here's a link to listen to the CD in its entirety...
https://soundcloud.com/toddgardnerband/ ... ad/s-6CVf2

 #160318  by kurt eye
 Wed Feb 14, 2018 4:29 am
kudos on these originals.