When it doesn't fit anywhere else
 #157480  by tatittle
 Sun Jul 16, 2017 11:55 am
Hey Now,

I just bought a .22+ Boogie, actually was my 1st amp when I started playing but I had one stolen and unwisely sold another. While this one has some useful mod's like drive level, it lacks the onboard EQ which is critical in shaping the lead tone to be able to use it like a 2 channel amp. I figure I can just put an EQ in the FX loop and get pretty much the same results. I have standard Boss GE-7's but I would prefer an EQ that I can plug a remote footswitch into. This way I can rig a footswitch to simultaneously change "channel" and activate the EQ (TRS, one side to each function). Something like the Boss microrack RGE-10 seems about perfect. Something small I could sit right on top of the amp easily without worrying about it being knocked off or needing a separate rack etc. Any ideas on EQ's that would fit this bill? Small, 5-10 band, remotely switchable...

Incidentally watch out with these older EL84 Boogies. I already had to return another I bought from a guy that tours with Dick Dale of all people (helped create 100 watt Twin and JBL speakers for guitar not to mention musical contributions). Apparently excessive heat had carbonized the PCB board bad enough to cause arcing/bias voltage issues. They are designed to run too hot to begin with and the lack of a bias pot can lead to even greater problems for hasty tube swappers.
 #157703  by RiderWes
 Tue Aug 01, 2017 9:44 am
If you don't find a purpose-built EQ, I would imagine that it wouldn't be that hard to convert most any EQ with an "in/out" switch to be foot switchable if you have some electronics skills. Behringer FBQ800 is cheap enough that it might be worth experimenting with.