When it doesn't fit anywhere else
 #155519  by beaner
 Mon Feb 06, 2017 10:20 am
It's bean a while, years actually. It's good to be back and to still have an active account, thank you RUKIND Administrators.
I'd appreciate and welcome any opinions and thoughtful discussion on Jerry's guitar playing(and personality) before his coma in 1986 and after.
I'm looking into the idea of continuous vs. discontinuous in life; in the soul, brain, body and personality.
 #155547  by tatittle
 Tue Feb 07, 2017 11:30 pm
Im not really sure where you are headed philisophically. But it is beyond debate that he came back playing as strong as he ever did, to the point I might argue it helped him re: motivation/appreciating life. I dont buyn into the totally relearning stuff akin to a beginner without natural aptitude, but it was certainly difficult for him to come back and he obviously worked hard and had awesome friends encouraging him. Further, it was the same Jerry...his personality, talent (inherent aptitude), ear, etc., and their role and influence on his playing was the same before and after for the most part imo. The circumstances no doubt affected him, but they didnt turn him into another person/player at all e.g. The same personality that welcomed challenges and sought to excel before the coma, decided that was the best move afterwards. And that decision is proven by the free-will actions he took towards those ends. Its really a wonderful testament to the potential for rebounding in motivated individuals. Easily some of his most fluid complicated playing came after the coma.

Im not sure what his circumstances were, but it isnt unusual for someone to come quickly back from a coma without any realization that anything happened at all. No different than waking up in the morning from a nights sleep. Thats part of the reason some folks will return to risky lifestyles that caused the health emergency as soon as they walk out of the hospital (or even sooner actually with drugs e.g.)

Garcia had more challenging issues to deal with that made it impossible to take it lightly, but my opinion is the way people respond to these things are overwhelmingly subjective/personal, often a result of free-will choices (albeit influenced by circumstance/environment but not insurmountably dictated by them), and not an objective result of losing consciousness in and of itself that would affect everyone the same way. Minus physical disabilities to some extent. I imagine he experienced a renewed appreciation for life and the desire to give it his best shot while he still had opp'ty. Seems he was a real fighter and hard worker when push came to shove; could be slothful when seas were calm perhaps (or enjoyed downtime), but back him against the wall you better watch out! He was no quitter. maybe those are common traits in Leo birthdates.