When it doesn't fit anywhere else
 #151201  by elroy2288
 Wed Mar 02, 2016 3:37 pm
Last night, Mik played the Cripe for the first set of their show and two encores! This is the Cripe that is referenced on the last page of the GD gear guide and was intended for Jerry, but sadly not touched by him. Thankfully, the spirits of the maker and its intended owner shine brightly. Below is the Knockin'. It was really a pleasure hearing Mik and the band play. I highly recommend them. They really put a great deal of feeling into their music, which I think comes through in spades.
Enjoy! Andy :smile:

 #151219  by tapestry
 Thu Mar 03, 2016 1:14 pm
The guitar is a beauty! Thanks Andy, for letting me play some music on it. I loved the craftsmanship and the feel of the body and neck. The controls are very sensitive and super dynamic. There are many many sounds that can be made and it took me a while to dial in the sound I wanted. I set the main volume at about 3/4, tone at about 7/8 and added just a hint of the piezo. The only thing I personally had trouble with was the action. I like a higher action and my fingers were easily "tied-up" in the strings because of my more aggressive style of playing. If the action was set to my specs, I feel like that would be "my guitar". Also, the pickups were not dimarzio super2's, so I wonder what difference that would make too. Not sure if there is a cutler or waldo buffer either, but would love to try all of these things and play it again some day :)

Andy, you are a wonderful person for not boxing this incredible guitar up and letting people perform and play with it. Thank you!!!!!