When it doesn't fit anywhere else
 #150777  by flyingheelhook
 Sat Feb 06, 2016 9:43 pm
So first, this isn't exactly Jerry tone/rig related, and certainly not Bob per se. Originally, I was trying to put together something more structured and informative than this, but in setting things up to test the camera recording quality (it's a GoPro we got my daughter for xmas), testing whether I could get a good loop going (it's sometimes harder than you might think) and then fooling around I wound up getting a reasonably relaxed and good take in the first 'dry run' rather than any of the subsequent ones. I still feel like I want to do a video that is more structured and where I call out and identify the different amp profiles but at least this gives you an idea - all profiles, no effects except reverb - of what the Kemper can put out. I think I ran through the following amp profiles - Divided By 13 JR9/15 for clean and first solo or two, a few custom profiles, a Dumble profile (!), and an AC50. Remember, this is just a random sample as opposed to what I had planned to do - none of this is meant to really be Jerry (or Bob) tone related but just to give an idea of some of the options available in terms of tone for this amp on the market.

Please pardon the quality of video and audio and playing. I am normally the 'Bob Weir' guy and seldom get a chance to play lead so it's offered 'as is' flaws and all.