When it doesn't fit anywhere else
 #145972  by oceanbear11
 Wed Apr 15, 2015 9:01 pm
Would anybody care to recount any instances where you used/wish you had used a Grateful Dead quote?

A couple of months ago in my high school biology class, people started putting quotes on the board off in the wings. All of these quotes were deeply philosophical morals carrying heavy life lessons, and I got to thinking, For God's sake, why doesn't somebody just put somethin' like "Just keep truckin' on?" Something to kind of counteract the weight and "You should change your ways" mentality of these quotes. What if somebody wants to just keep truckin' on? So I went up there about a week or so back, and now there's a Dead quote on the board.

Hope to hear some good tales from the rest of you 'Heads out there. Peace out. :smile: