When it doesn't fit anywhere else
 #8465  by spilly
 Tue Aug 29, 2006 8:18 pm
Anybody else fed up with something, lets all get out the frustration.

I'll start. I've benn remodeling my bathroom for a week now, this is fine, I got stiffed by a couple of people who said they would help, so it took an extra day to hang the dry wall, this to was fine.

here's the fun part.

The dirty rotten son of a bitch who built my house was a contactor who built the house for his own family. You'd think, with this being the case that the house would be perfect, but this asshole cut every corner in the god-damned world, making is a real pain to work on. So I've now got everything in place in the bathroom, new tub and surround are installed, I go behind the fauset wall to put the new plumming in and a find that the idiot sodered every peice of cross section together, I tried the break it off but it was to thick and if I push any harded I'll bend the copper pipe. I know this couse I've done it before, so I don't have a shower still, It's been a week and a half.

Now given my hippie-ish nature being unclean for a day or 2 in a row shouldn't bother me. But I'm a carpenter, do you have any idea how dirty I get in a day, it's rediculous, if the the guy who built the place wasn't already dead, I'd kill him.
I took the lights out of the cieling to find that the ground wire was running directly into the insulation. It's amazing the house hasn't burnt down already. I've been doing nothing but work and I havn't even had time to play my guitar, and since I took of of work to do my own house I can't afford a beer or a bag or any other form of stress relief without dipping into my Moe.down funds.

I'm sure my nabors are sick of the loud cussing that's been coming out of my house recently, but they'll just have to deal with it. The end of the week just won't come soon enough

There, I got it off my chest, and I think I do feel a bit better.

who's next

 #8466  by phreaker
 Tue Aug 29, 2006 8:22 pm
Dr. Phil.

Nuff' said.

 #8472  by wisedyes
 Wed Aug 30, 2006 5:23 am
Hmmm, things are actually pretty good for me except for one big problem. Been dating this wonderful girl for awhile now, it's actually looking like she could be "the one", and she feels even more strongly about it than I do. So, in other words, things were going great, or the y were, until Sunday. That was the day my stupid *&%#$#* dogs decided to kill her 17 year old, de-clawed cat. Let me tell you, that gets you LOTS of bad boyfriend points.

 #8475  by hesgone95
 Wed Aug 30, 2006 7:29 am
d'oh! Drag dude....I feel for you wisedyes :?

Good idea spilly....I could vent for a minute. I can say that I'm frustrated with my life in general. I've been living in Mexico City for the last 3yrs or so, working as an English teacher. It's all cool and shit, I like Mexico alot and all, but the problem is that teachers in this country are woefully underpaid (where aren't they?) and I can't save up enough money to return to the States, or even take a vacation up there. Also, most employers tend to pay 3 or 4 days late on average, which makes things more difficult. Three friggin years without leaving this country because of money and it's starting to wear thin. I am so jonesin for a festival, you don't even know. I miss my friends, my family, playing music with people who have similar, or at least understand my musical interests. It really tends to put me in a negative, frustrated space, which is not a good place when you are so far removed from your norm....I just wanna visit the states and go to a festival and smoke good herb while drinking Sierra Nevada and listening to groovin music.

Anyway, 'nuff said. Thx for reading my rant. Hope it's not toooo whiney. Peace

 #8480  by Trystine
 Wed Aug 30, 2006 8:10 am
Although I think I just vented on another thread, there's still a bit more. First of all, HesGone95, I can relate I think more than most. If you didn't know already I live/work as a civilian on Guantanamo Bay, naval station. I just hit rock bottom as of yesterday. I need to see the U.S. again. I feel trapped on this island and want to get back to normal way of life. The people down here are just terrible. It's like bizzarro world. The other day my boss decided to send me across the bay in the eye of the hurricane on a boat so I could open up the airfield (I'm an air traffic controller). So, I got to ride out the rest of the storm in a control tower built in the 60's. That thing was bobbing and weaving in the wind. It was like being in a crows nest of a clipper ship. You can guess how many airplanes I talked to that day.

All the while I am a tentative hire for the FAA...I've been hired for over a year now. But to some unknown reason my security clearance hasn't gone through. I had a clearance for the Air Force, I worked at Dulles Int'l, and I man the control tower in GTMO. So, where's the problem?

I call them every 2 wks in hopes they're ready to get me out of here.

Hey HesGone95, here's one for your dreams...wouldn't it be nice to cruise down the highway again with the wind in your hair listening to the Dead? U.S. Blues.

 #8483  by hesgone95
 Wed Aug 30, 2006 9:42 am
Man, you don't even know...So living in guantanamo, I would imagine you don't get much of a chance to visit the rest of Cuba? The whole blockade BS etc. If you have the opportunity, jump at it. Cuba is way cool, great music, great people, smokin'women....You're probably closest to Santiago in terms of larger cities, and that's a good one. I was there once for about a week like 5 yrs ago. Lots of good traditional son music I know Cuba pretty well as I've been there 4 or 5 times, the last time, in 2002, I studied for a semester at Universidad de la Habana. It was a great experience living there for 4+ mos. Anyway bro, thx for the understanding...We will get by, we will survive. I'll see in the good ol' US of A sometime. Peace.


 #8484  by Trystine
 Wed Aug 30, 2006 10:02 am
Yes, I hear good things about the other side of the fence, but I've got to stay on the U.S. soil side. It takes 10 min to cross the base at 25 mph. Can't even get in one Dead tune at that rate. :P


 #8503  by phreaker
 Wed Aug 30, 2006 6:59 pm
I want an English teacher like you, hesgone95.

 #8506  by d-v-s
 Thu Aug 31, 2006 1:34 am
So glad to hear that there's others out there in my situation. Reading the posts on this page, I get so jealous, because I see all these great shows going on in the US, and I'm just so far away from it all.

I'm stuck on the other side of the world, in Turkey, where they've never even heard of the Dead, Phil, Phish, etc. I can't even go buy any new CD's because they don't stock any of this music. :?

I was downloading shows for a while, but my company recently blocked all downloadable media, so now I'm completely cut off musically.

You should hear the local music. It's ear-piercing! Lots of moaning and sad sad songs that all seem to sound the same after a while. And you can forget about a jam session, or any musical solo for that matter. They just don't get it.

To top it off, my wife doesn't get it either. Wheneven I put the dead on in the car, she complains that it makes her dizzy... she's convinced that the music makes her blood pressure drop. Yes, I actually hear that everytime I put on a dead CD in the car - "this music makes my blood pressure drop." :roll:

I'm jonesin' for some new music. I've got a trip planned to the US for 2 weeks next month, and I've already got a list of CD's that I NEED to buy while I'm at home.

 #8510  by phpbb
 Thu Aug 31, 2006 6:17 am
d-v-s wrote: To top it off, my wife doesn't get it either. Wheneven I put the dead on in the car, she complains that it makes her dizzy... she's convinced that the music makes her blood pressure drop. Yes, I actually hear that everytime I put on a dead CD in the car - "this music makes my blood pressure drop." :roll:
This kinda reminds me of Ali-G talking to the D.E.A. Agent. The Agent is describing the effect of drugs, and Ali-G says "And are there any negative effects?"


 #8511  by ebick
 Thu Aug 31, 2006 6:59 am
OK, I have one. I'm going to title this, Guys don't be an arrogant dick.

So I'm at this open mic night the other night and there's a guy there who's an ok player, has good energy. A few weeks back i heard him play "Slip Slidin' Away" (Simon). I was like, wow, that is a great tune, but I noticed a couple of things missing from the way he played it. I worked it out on my own and last Tuesday, after telling him that I enjoyed hearing him play that and that I had never thought of playing until hearing him play it, i asked him if he minded if I threw a couple of chords at him on it. He said, sure. The first one was a dead on necessity that he was luke warm to. The second he said, "yeah, that's nice".

Later, I heard him play One by U2. Actually, for the 2nd time that night. It was his 2nd time up and he said he was just learning the song. He had it all right except one spot where he was playing an Am where it should be a G.......I mean way off. I said to him after, "try a G there, I think that's right", to which he responded.....

"Ya know" (can ya feel the snide tone) " I'm rarely concerned about getting it right".

 #8513  by Trystine
 Thu Aug 31, 2006 7:30 am
Open mic nights are notorious for that kind of behavior. But don't let it get you down. Those kind of people will continue to show up week after week to play songs wrong until they're eventually spit out the bottom of karaoke night. :lol:

 #8516  by st stephen
 Thu Aug 31, 2006 8:14 am
heres one!!

Last night we go to a studio in new york city, ill leave out the name. We get to the studio and my bass player is like i called a few hours ago to book a room and you said just come down we are wide open. We get there and the frekin long haired di%$ bag was like ohh you did not book a room, not sure if we have one, we are pretty busy tonight. My boy is like you said just come down. He like allright yeah youll be in room G but you have to wait a little while. So now its like 9:10 and we still dont have a room and there are 5 other room available but there more expensive but he would not just let us tune up in there and let us get warmed up.
What about the fact that we paid you allready and are room is not ready and there is a room right here that is empty. What ever happened to the customer always being right. The guy was really trying to be a di*k. And we all went at him hard. He thought we were just going to be some laid back hippies that were like sure let another band cut in to our studio time after we have allready paid you. Finally at 915 we got out room.

I would have said, guys there is no one using this room, play in here untill they guys in room G finish up...sorry for the inconvinece. I liked to punch that punk in the head. Not a good way to conduct business. My clients wiould tell me to take a hike if i treated them like that.

 #8524  by hesgone95
 Thu Aug 31, 2006 11:27 am

Bro, I am with you all the way. NO ONE down here in Mexico has ever heard of the boys. It's really frustrating. And the same on trying to buy CDs, they just don't have this stuff. It's impossible. The one good thing is pirating is common so you can find some stuff. But nothing like the Dead or Dylan. And Mexican music...dunno if anyone has had the misfortune to hear Banda or Norteña, shit like that,but it's horrible. Or you can go and listen to electronica. I'm not gonna start a big diss session on DJs and electronic music, but it's not for me. Y'know, one would think that in Mexico City, one the 3 largest cities in the world, that there would be an awesome music scene. Alas, no such luck. There just really isn't local live music aside from shitty cover bands. Who wants to hear Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin when the singer can't even speak English? andt the songs are played note by note from the albums. Yawn It's really depressing. The only original live music is big name acts like the stones, or U2, but I don't have $100-200 bucks to go see shows like that. Oh well, I'll get back to the states one of these days.

And phreaker, I'd be happy to teach you how to speak English. Judging from your posts, you could use some help :twisted: just kidding.....

 #8544  by d-v-s
 Fri Sep 01, 2006 1:34 am
i spent 10 months down in and around Mexico. I know the music well and I sympathize with you. The crap I heard was all like polka music, with a big tuba in the background and some accordian on top of it. I hope you have an MP3 player on you 24-7 to keep your brain clear of that.

at least you get floyd and zeplin from your cover bands down there. I get the cranberries, u2, and top 40 stuff. I got so desperate that I actually forked out the $75 to see Roger Waters when he came to Turkey this year.