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I recently picked up a Hotone Xtomp Mini. It's a single modelling pedal that can be loaded by bluetooth through an app on your phone. It can function as an amp modeller (more than 40 amps to choose from), a cab modeller (about 30), or you can choose from about 100 different pedals listed in the following categories: distortion, dynamic, frequency, modulation, and ambient. And you can set each pedal as either true bypass or buffer bypass. It also has a section of "signature" and "special" pedals. The big brother Xtomp additionally has a bunch of dual pedals available.

I admit when I got this I really didn't expect much. I viewed as a relatively inexpensive way to try a bunch of different effects without having to spend a lot of money. Then, if I found something I liked, I could always do a little research and grab the "real pedal version".

Then I started reading the reviews and checking the library out. WOW! This thing really has a lot of models that sound good! And the versatility is like nothing else out there, especially for it's size and convenience.

Here's a link to a list of amps/cabs/pedals available, as well as a youtube review by the Anderton guys:

http://www.musicpsych.com/docs/latest_n ... vHaN.shtml

So has anyone else tried these out?

Bill, tgo
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could be "Hot one"
could be "Ho tone"
could be "Ho Tony"
but I believe it is really "Hot tone"

Reminds me of the old story from the Algonquin Round Table. They played a game where one person would say a word and another had to use it in a humorous manner. Dorothy Parker was given as a challenge the word "horticulture", to which she replied "you can lead a horticulture, but you can't make her think"


Bill, tgo
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