#9869  by LazyLightnin
i was suprised at how much trouble ive been having tryin to get this one to werk for me. maybe a little run thru on how its played?

 #9873  by HOWEYMAN
Check out the legendary licks Dead DVD. On that Shakedown Street is shown completely. This DVD is well worth the money. Not some of my favorite Dead songs, but still a very cool instructional video you may take a lot from. I have.
 #9875  by Laytonco
HOWEYMAN, I've heard of this, but can't seem to find it. Where do I get it?

 #9876  by Laytonco
OK, it's early. I do know how to use the internet! It's on the way.

Gil - Asleep in Denver

 #9880  by amyjared
HOWEYMAN, I've heard of this, but can't seem to find it. Where do I get it?
I found mine brand new on ebay for about $15 including shipping. Total deal. I totally agree with Honeyman: Not the greatest songs, but so much to learn from it. My band now plays Casey Jones and it sounds much better thanks to the dvd!
 #9881  by Laytonco
I play "Bob" in Juba Juba! and usually just come up with my own voicings and licks. I've tried to watch Bob on Winterland and other DVDs, but the camera folks just don't stay on him long enough for me to pick up his specific stuff. Hopefully, this will show me his particulars; once I know those, I can probably apply them to other tunes.



 #9884  by LazyLightnin
maybe i can find it on youtube.

 #23024  by GratefulPat
i bought one at best buy...it is good, has like shakedown,casey jones, china cat, i think touch? cant remember what else... UJB it is a good video, the guy in it is a douschbag though
 #23025  by kenneybonz
sounds like a good thing to pick up...by the way, I thank everyone for their help in me putting my board pieces together in the right way.. i finally feel like i have "the sound" or as close to it as i can hear anyway, and am having a lot of fun hitting different effects at different places in songs.. thanks y'all

 #23043  by BlobWeird
Yeah its a decent DVD for Shakedown alone really. Didnt like anything else on it. But I did learn Shakedown through it

 #23104  by LazyLightnin
btw i figured it out myself.