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Rusty the Scoob wrote:Man, that is the hardest text identification block ever... you've got extra letters and numbers in there!
No comprendo...
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After March Deadness declared (until next March) 11/11/73 the best show... by the votes of many... a member had a great idea for the off season...
He (1fingerwillie) recently set up a Dead tournament over on the message boards at The Lost Sailor’s Pub website. The tourney is modeled after the NCAA basketball tournament and focuses on individual performances of Dead songs (or song combinations like China->Rider). The purpose is to pit individual songs against one another (think Dark Star 2/27/69 vs. Morning Dew 5/8/77) until one song performance is left standing.

The selection process, seeding process, and tournament itself will be based entirely on user votes. The entire process will run through the summer and early fall. If you are interested in checking it out, follow the link below:

http://lostsailorpub.forumup.it/viewfor ... tsailorpub
Come join us in nominating, debating, voting, celebrating!
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Lhmwrench wrote:Hey Unforgiven, did you take your board name after the movie?
Anthony James, the bartender Skinny, shops in my store. I see him at least once a week.
What a REAL nice guy...
Well, he shoulda armed himself...