#17652  by Grinner
nice find...anyone go this year?

 #17706  by BuddhaG
thank you!!! i wanted to go so bad this year but the timing did not work out.

anybody find other clips from this PL & F set?

 #17721  by jackr
Who is playing the white Tele? I could bearly make out the video on my monitor.

 #17722  by hobbsy
I think that's Al Schnier on the tele...

 #17728  by mttourpro
The unknown guitar player is none other than the incredible John Scofield.

The link came from tooboard.net cortesy of a long-time trader/poster

Here's the Lovelight from the same gig. Enjoy.


 #17744  by BuddhaG
wow that jam really comes just short of being absolutely bonkers... scofield playing rock and roll with haynes and lesh is just like butter on a warm homemade roll :D

 #17950  by 35FLA
scofield tore that show up.... i loved watching it last weekend, gosh the internet is nice

ive listened to this show at least four times this week