#151559  by jackaroo
 Tue Mar 29, 2016 6:56 am
Who in the NYC area (we are Brooklyn based) is looking to get into a gigging band? We are booked through next Xmas! And we would like to bring the new player onboard and onstage ASAP.

Last night (3/28) I got the news from our "Bob Weir" stating that he's hanging up his spurs this fall...So I'm putting out a request!

The obvious and immediate need is for someone familiar with the "Bobby" role...however, we'd like (not need) the player to be able to be able to solo as well and not feel that 100% Bob Weir mimicry is the ultimate goal here. We are a tribute band...but we aren't trying to be an exact clone or anything, it's a always a good starting point but not always where we end up! I'm generally covering the Garcia stuff, but on occasion the other guitarist needs to step up while I sing.

Vocals are a plus...but NOT required. We already have the three part harmony thing together. However if you're a good singer...the more the merrier!

We range in age from 45-60. We're fun, laid back guys who like to laugh while we work hard at this...so far it's been a hoot. Pro gear, a good attitude and no drama are a must.

Rehearse once a week and typically gig three or four times a month. Some roadwork within 2hrs of metro NYC area.

Samples of our music in the soundcloud link below.

Please contact me @jack_devine@hotmail.com if you're interested.