#136273  by racecar
 Sat Feb 01, 2014 2:19 pm
Unlimited Devotion is looking for various musicians to come sit in with us throughout 2014. Our near immediate needs are keyboards. Lead vocals would be a plus, but not required.

Unlimited Devotion is an established band in S. Florida (Miami area) that plays two or three shows at a time every 4-6 weeks at S. Florida's top concert club venues incl. Funky Biscuit, Bamboo Room, The Stage, Tobacco Road, Will Call, Blackbird Ordinary and others.

For 2014 we have taken on the Phil and Friends approach and we are looking to bring in various musicians from around the country to join us for a paid weekend in Fl.

So far in 2014 we brought in:

Casey- Bassist and Lead Guitarist for Fire Wheel from Rochester, NY
Jason - Keyboards for Fire Wheel
Jill - Lead Singer from the Pittsburgh jam band theCAUSE
Corey - keys /vocal from Crazy Fingers (S. Florida)
Bubba - Bass for Crazy Fingers (S. Florida).

Coming up in two weeks we have Caroline from the band Fennario coming in to play keys and sing backup.

If you are in an established band or have extensive on stage experiencing playing our kind of music AND you are a nice/fun person looking for a little WTF Factor on stage, then please reach out to me to discuss the possibility of coming down for a weekend and sitting in with our band.

FUN AND ADVENTURE INCL TALENT IS ALL WE ASK ! We do not make a living doing this! But we are one of the top drawing bands in S. Florida and we are known in the area as the HAPPY BAND ! because we have such a blast on stage. We usually get about 180-250 people at every show. Sometimes more. Consider coming down and having fun with us!

Male and Female equal opportunity band. We have two to three females at any given time :)