Sell and buy at your own risk...
 #165319  by SellaV93
Bought off ebay a few months ago, worked fine. I plugged it up and played for two minutes to test, then shut the rig off. When i went back to power it on, i got nothing, the front light wouldn't come on, but the tiny red light on the back comes it's getting power i think. Anyway, I'd like to keep it but i can't fix it, and the repair bill from a local tech would probably cost me more than the amp itself. The issue is probably a simple fix, as it worked totally fine two seconds before it didn't (lol). Wish i knew more about these. If this interests you, PM me. I'd let it go for next to nothing through paypal.
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 #165323  by FLH
Did you open it up? There's a fuse inside that might be the problem.

Also, I did a quick Google search and saw someone had a similar issue. They found the problem when they took the circuit board out. It was a bad solder joint on the power supply, and it was easy to spot and fix.

I'd hate to see you unload it for cheap when it might be a simple problem that's easy to fix.