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 #162986  by Diggey
 Sat Oct 20, 2018 11:49 am
I have a bunch of Grateful Dead books , cds, guitar related DVDs, and magazines for sale. I'm not trying to get rich, just passing along items after I used them. All are in great shape. I can take pictures of specific ones if you need them. The cds have all been stored and not played but once. these are Dave's Picks which are significantly more expensive somewhere else. The boxset was stored in the box it shipped in. Save yourself $25 by picking up mine.
I will combine shipping and insurance so but a bunch! I have and can take more pictures. Thanks, Diggey

Grateful Dead cds:
Grateful Dead Dave's Picks 25 Binghamton, MY 11/6/1977- $25
Grateful Dead Dave's Picks 26 Albuerque, NM 11/7/1971-$25
Grateful Dead Dave's Picks Bonus Disk Ann Arbor, MI, 12/14/1971-$25
Grateful Dead Dave's Picks 27 Boise, ID, 9/2/1983-$25
Grateful Dead Pacific Northwest Boxset- 1973-1974, 6 shows, 19 cds - $175 shipped and insured included

Grateful Dead Books:
Grateful Dead Family Album, Jerilyn Lee Brandelius-$15
Relix, the book: Grateful Dead Experience, Toni Brown- $10
Garcia by the Editors of Rolling Stone, Little/Brown- $15
Grateful Dead Gear, Band Instruments, sound and recording, Blair Jackson-$18
Grateful Dead: the Illustrated Trip-$12
Deal-Bill Kreutzmann, Benny Eisen-$7
Everything I know about Business, I learned from the Grateful Dead- Barry Barnes-$5
Grateful Dead 1977, Rose of Terrapin Nation- Howard Weiner- $12
Goin' Down the Road, Traveling Companion, Blair Jackson-$10
The American Book of the Dead- Oliver Trager- $10
A Long Strange Trip- Dennis Mcnally-$12
Grateful Dead 365, Holly George-Warren-$5
Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead, David Harriman Scott/ Brian Halligan-$5
Dark Star, Oral Biography of Jerry Garcia, Robert Greenfield-$7
Skeleton Key, Dictionary For Deadheads, David Shenk/ Steve Silverman-$7
Phil Lesh Searching for the Sound, Phil Lesh-$5
No Simple Highway, Peter Richardson-$12
Playing in the Band, Gans and Simon-$5
History of the Grateful Dead, William Ruhlmann-$5

Grateful Dead Limited Edition Magazines:
Grateful Dead- Celebrating 50 years-$5
Jerry Garcia- guide to his music and legend- Rolling Stone Collector Edition-$5
Travel through Decades with Grateful Dead-$5
Grateful Dead- Long Goodbye, Rolling Stone special-$5
Grateful Dead- 50 years, Newsweek Collectors edition-$5
Grateful Dead- 50 years along the Golden Road, Life Magizine special-$5
Grateful Dead- Ultimate Guide, Special Collectors Rolling Stone-$5

Allman Brothers books and DVD:
Gregg Allman, My Cross to Bear-Alan Light-$7
Please Be With Me, A Song for My Father, Duane Allman, Galadrielle Allman-$7
One Way Out, inside history of the Allman Brothers, Alan Paul- $6
Play Allman- Learn to play the Duane Allman Way- DVD guitar lesson- Max Milligan - $6
Led Zep BBC Sessions 2 CDs-$3
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