Sell and buy at your own risk...
 #164578  by DreamNightWind
 Sun Feb 03, 2019 11:29 pm
Got this in the mail this weekend, thanks Michael!

I fired it up tonight. Just had a few minutes to A - B it with a yellow non-vintage MXR block logo Distortion + (the later version with the LED, never have been real happy with it).

The pedal seems to work well, thanks, glad I bought it.

I don't fully understand it yet, will need more time. I thought the second output would be the clean signal, but it's actually a differently-voiced distortion (seems brighter and less squished than the distortion from Output 1.)

I jumpered the two outputs together which worked as expected, summing the two sounds, and to some degree compensated for the same annoying volume drop my other Distortion + has (volume seems less than unity when using the pedals for just a little dirt.)

It'll take some time before I figure out how to run it and whether it gets a home in the pedalboard or not. Right now I'm thinking it gets the nod over the yellow block logo, and I'll likely either run it from just the second output or I'll jumper them together. Might also check out the Whirlwind Gold pedal, haven't played through one of those yet.

Also thanks to Waldo for posting the schematic for this pedal, I think that was in some other thread.

If anyone can explain to me what the output 2 sound is all about, I'd be interested to know.