Sell and buy at your own risk...
 #162352  by Jerry1996x
 Fri Aug 24, 2018 11:19 am
Long time no see RUKIND fam!!!

Got a bunch of stuff I've been trying to get rid of, figured y'all may be interested in some of it!

McIntosh MC2120 Power Amp, Pretty sure these have the same circuitry of the illustrious 2300s, but in a nice 120 watts per channel (slightly) more compact and portable package!! Really one of the best subs for the real deal 2300, all the oomph but way less $$ (in purchase price and chiropractor bills). Works great, in decent cosmetic condition, includes rack wings (one is kind of bent)- SOLD

Voodoo Labs GCX Switcher+Ground Control (v.2), will include midi cable- 400 OBO

I have 2 Waldo Buffers laying around, can someone refresh me on how much the cost originally?? Been so long I can't remember, I think it was around 75-100?? If so will let them go for 50 each- SOLD

Have a real nice looking Gator Pickguard with the brass control plate. Got it from Danny Ransom some years ago, the brass has aged wonderfully. SOLD

Also have a Whirlwind Distortion pedal which is a revamp of the class script MXR Distortion+, also will let go for 50 (SOLD)

Last but not least I've got an EWI rack and case. I believe its 16 space, and is built like a rock. As is its road case which it can sit on top of for eye level accessibility, just like Jerry's!!! Definitely the most sturdy rack I've ever seen. I paid 250 would let it go for 150.

Hope everyone here is well and glad to see the community still poppin!!!!
 #164316  by Jerry1996x
 Wed Jan 16, 2019 10:21 am
Bump for the rack and the GCX!!! I also have a set of 3 Dimarzio SDS-1s if anyone is interested in one or all of them!!