Musical Theory Abound!!!

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Broomhead, my 30,000 screaming fans probably wont show up for christmas. However, probably one of the kids will boo us...

Thanks for your help everyone.

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If you plan on recording live shows - I suggest you head over to

They can point you in the right direction

For starter mics, the SP C4 are the best mics you can get for $200

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As for Ipod recording thats what I do. I use a MicroMemo mic that was like 70 bucks. If you mess with the levels and the placement of the mic eventually you can get a pretty nice recording. Check out my thread "my first song" and you;ll hear it does a pretty quality job.
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jakjamm wrote:
Dozin wrote: I use microtrack recorder with it

This is really amazing :shock: i love that device ....
can any body tell me the cost of this device , i really want to buy it .

You can probably find it cheaper, but a quick amazon search shows the following: ... B000ANQXKS

However, you might also want to consider the sony PCM-M10 as well. It seems as though it is all the rage among tapers over at I have to admit, as much as I love this forum, has become my new obsession. I'm debating crossing over from just being a listener to actually becoming a taper. Problem is that I just don't have the time to go to all (and sometimes any!) of the shows I'd like to tape!

Here's the link for the Sony recorder. It has great reviews, but it does seem to have one major flaw: a lot of users are reporting an issue regarding the clock on it. Again, you can find it cheaper, I'm sure. $199 seems to be the best price from what I've seen lately. ... 577&sr=1-1