#92438  by pula58
 Thu Jan 20, 2011 10:14 am
Man, craigslist is finding me nothing!
So, I thought I'd try here at rukind.

So far, our "Band" is myself (guitar, vocals) and bass (and vocals).

We are trying to create a band with sensibilities just Garcia band and/or the G. Dead, but definitely not a tribute band. No tie dies, no drugs, just playing tight R+B, with some modal jamming, motown, folk/jazz/blues/reggae. some covers, some originals. We want to play "in the style of", but not necessarily the actual songs of.....

But, not looking for stoner Dead-only musicians( no judgements here, drugs/drinking just not our scene), but rather, looking for people who had the dead/garcia music really sink into their bones, but yet, went-on to learn other music styles and forms, but still have that sweet spot in their heart for this kind of music.

rhythm player. We aren't into the dualing two leader guitar sound (Allman Bros, etc), so, really want a guy/gal who feels that rhythm guitar is their calling.
And, for keyboards, we like piano sounds and organ sounds and prefer to avoid synthesized- sounds.

Any suggestions for how to find like-minded people? We are striking-out using craigslist, and we have also failed to find anyone who fits what we're looking-for at the local blues jams.
So, I am trying something new today.

And leads greatly appreciated!

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