#55674  by Lead Heads
 Thu Jan 29, 2009 3:52 am
Hi -

My son's band, the Lead Heads, has recruited three more kid dead heads and is now focused on producing a spring show in NYC.

The band's instructor just moved to Columbia for an extended period. So, we are looking for an adult music instructor who knows the Grateful Dead, lives in the NYC area, and loves working with kids. Having fun is the number 1 objective!

Four of the five kids have experience in Paul Green's School of Rock and all have been involved in at least 1 GD show through this school.

Please email us if you are interested. The kids are psyched to put on a benefit show - 2 wonderful sets of Grateful Dead - in May 2009.

Thank you

Dan :peas:

PS - Link below to Lead Heads on YouTube, albeit repetitive for this website: