#152101  by one eyed jack
Hey there everybody,
My established Dead tribute band that plays a couple times a month at some of the best venues throughout Virginia is looking for a new Bobby vocalist. Instrumentation is not really important,We have a lead and rhythm guitar player already they just don't do Bobby vocals. The last Bobby vocalist was our drummer who had to leave the band due to other obligations.
We Have a lot of the Dead catalog in our back pocket but don't really want to spend a lot of time getting someone up to speed. This role has previously been filled by two other people throughout the time our band has been together and neither were really "dead heads" to begin with, they were just good musicians/singers that wanted to gig- so, we ended up spending a lot of time getting them up to speed and familiar with the tunes and they were never really invested. Would like to go a different route this time and find someone who is a true fan and student of the music, Would be great if the person came into practices knowing their stuff