#3659  by ded1hed
i just dloaded one from 12-5-71
pretty nice one. any ideas on some of the better ones to check out. its always been one of my favs.

 #3662  by tigerstrat
Heck YEAH there are much much better ones than any of those early versions from 71.

Go directly to 8/19/80 Chicago, do not pass go and do not collect $200... be sure and listen to the PITB from which CaT emerges too.

There also are some sweet ones with the Godchauxs, but that one is the all-time, IMHO.
 #109994  by Sprout
Boston, 6/12/76.

This show was put out on CD in the "left in the vaults" series which was some sort of non-GD bootleg deal, I think.

Anyway, not only the best CAT IMHO, but the best, most moving, gut-wrenching, soul-tingling, goose-pimply Jerry guitar solo ever played any time on any song. (And this comes from a guitarist who played in a Dead cover band for awhile.)

Check it out if you can find a copy. If not, I can send you the song in mp4 format.

 #110008  by foolofships
The best one I've heard is from 5/9/77, in Buffalo. Good Help-->Slip-->Frank, too.
 #110019  by Lunchbox16
I have to go with 5/23/72 on this one. That version blew me away the first time I heard it and every time since.
 #110020  by rkubik
I like the Dick's Pick 29. From Fox Theatre and Lakeland 1977 I really enjoy all selections from both shows. I did take the above comment about the 6-12-1976 show. I was able to get it off archive and have really enjoyed it so far but I like my fav a little better than this one but it is still a great version and a good show thanks for the input.

Oh and the Chicago show mentioned above is a close second I also recommend that as well as the whole show.
 #124591  by beaner
Heavy indeed, very nice easytoslip.
 #127306  by locobrian
12/10/71 is my fav. Jerry's voice is so mournful. When the solo comes at the end, there are holes big enough to drive a truck through.
Sometimes it's the notes that DON'T get played that are the good ones.
 #127308  by caspersvapors
foolofships wrote:The best one I've heard is from 5/9/77, in Buffalo. Good Help-->Slip-->Frank, too.

this one, easily. one of Jerry's best solos ever. its magic

the one on dp 29 is also very good
 #127340  by cmc64
5/10/1980 from Hartford Civic Center - Garcia's vocals are a bit rough but the solo is sublime.

6/20/1986 from The Greek Theater - Playin' -> Comes a Time is just wonderful and features some very unique jamming in the outdo. Some great Schoeps recordongs exist - a Sean Weber Small recording, split with mk2s capsules and Mike Grace with mk2 capsules in a wide "Healy" configuration. Dig it! I think I like the split mk2s recording more but they are both great. For this type of recording I prefer the mk2s capsule so that is probably why.
 #132642  by Searing75
5/9/77!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best version of every song played that night perhaps. My all time favorite Dead Show!!! It is so good. :peas:
 #143052  by gratefulredhead
There's a Comes a Time from Europe 72 that was released on the Steppin Out album. Not sure of the date....one of the UK shows. Anyhow, you can hear Garcia choking up from emotion when he sings the line "you can't let go, you're afraid to fall....". And his lead is gorgeous. Gives me goosebumps every time. Those early versions are so wonderfully sparse in their arrangement.