#107211  by mgbills
Almost...almost...almost everyone you know asks if you ever listen to anything else...


 #107232  by golfnutt
Billbbill wrote:
...you hang out in a spot at a show groovin to the music yet not once bother to LOOK at the band.


Once the NYE shows moved to the Oakland Coliseum there used to be this great spot in the main concourse hallway that was way wide they set up speaker columns, and it was this sh*t. I have to admit there were quite a few shows there that I never laid eyes on the band sometime personal space was more important than the floor :) Once things calmed down (in my head) I would sneak a peek into the show to say I saw the band lol

kind of ironic that I am typing this sitting at home with my kids not going to any show...its been a long strange trip indeed
 #127294  by NotStStephen
These are all awesome.

..just the sound of the crowd at the beginning of the tape gives you goosebumps.

...you have a son named Cassidy Jazz

..friends used to call your band the Wishful Dead

...you're at your first graders spring choral concert and you have to restrain yourself from yelling out "Alligator!" between songs.
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 #131532  by Shipofools
You are doing 80 on the highway and you spot the tiniest stealie on a car that's doing 80 and its ten car lengths way.


You have the incognito stealie on your minivan!
 #147085  by oceanbear11
1.) You show up at a party, the host says, "Hey! Spring 1990!" and you immediately know exactly what he/she is talking about.

2.) You've completely mastered "Me and Bobbie McGee," then at some point said, "What? Who the hell is Kris Kristofferson?"

3.) You consider Dead jams a unit of measurement.
-"How far do you live from your work?"
-"One Scarlet Begonias and about two verses of Bird Song."
(If they're 'Heads, they ask what versions; if the'yre civilians they're struck speechless.)

4.) You completely destroyed a perfectly good filing cabinet just because you had outstashed the key but you were absolutely certain your third-printing copy of Playin' in the Band was in there. . . And then it wasn't.

5.) Your guests keep trying to figure out if you have a bedroom or if you sleep in a Grateful Dead Merchandising, Inc. warehouse.

6.) You shouted "'It's IN the Dark,' you moron!" at Letterman.

7.) Every question you ask has Whoa, oh, what I want to know. . . tacked onto the beginning.

8.) When you made balloon cars in your sophomore science class, yours had a Stealie sticker and a plate that said GDTRFB.

9.) You won your last school spelling bee by correctly spelling Aoxomoxoa; the one before that by spelling Skjellyfetti.

10.) The red needle on your compass points West during the month of August.
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 #147086  by oceanbear11
ScarletFire77 wrote:You know your a deadhead when...

You get about 7 GD calendars during the holidays, because all of your friends and family think they are the only ones to say, "hey, so-and-so is a deadhead, he'll love this nifty calendar."

- or -

you're bothered when other bands don't mess up lyrics.

- or -

you understand that it is perfectly acceptable for a grown man to own bean bears, as long as their names include: Dark Star, Candyman, Father Time, ect.

Hey, I feel ya on all of these. . . especially the bears
 #147091  by oceanbear11
Gr8fulGreg wrote:1. You have almost been in more then one car wreck because youre to busy singing at the top of your lungs
4. Everyone of your cds in your car has cheering the the backgrond
6. Or its because you havent heard a song that was made after 1995 (or 1985 if youre like me and actually feel depressed from listening to anything post-coma)
Ah yes, so true! And if I had been born a few decades earlier, I'm sure all that tour stuff would apply too!
 #147092  by oceanbear11
USBLUES wrote:At a red light you are completely unaware that Space is blaring from you open car windows freaking-out everything in earshock as you plainly sit there with soft gaze as if all is normal......

Second that emotion!
 #147142  by oceanbear11
Mick wrote:Have you ever looked at your hands? I mean, REALLY looked at your hands?

Oh, maybe that's a slightly different topic.....
Well, whatever thread that's on, you're still totally right! My hands have always been one of my three prized possessions (the other two being my Strat and by first GD bear. That bear's a big Stella Blue that I got at age 3 and always taken great care of.).

Sorry I just went off on a tangent. :oops:

 #147394  by ebick
When someone says "roo-kind" you know exactly how to correct them.
 #151820  by Linkslover
- You live in Chicago, but fly out to Santa Clara to see the 2015 shows because you didn't get a ticket to the Chicago shows.
- You decide to fly to visit your son in Philadelphia and "coincidentally" Furthur is playing at the Mann.
- You almost don't get out of your car to go into the poker game because your listening to Serius XM radio and the "this day in GD history" they start playing is from 43 years ago and you were at the concert and it was the first and only time you ever saw the Dead play Dark Star.
- You know what song they're going to play almost as soon as they start tuning.
- 10 notes into a space jam, you know what song they're jamming in.


1st show - Feb, 1973
Last show - July, 1994
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