#22591  by sarraqum
If Umphrey is God then who is Jesus? I'd like to meet him he "sounds" interesting.....


 #22649  by jazzyjeff
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals :twisted:
 #23756  by shirtguy
I was fortunate enough to be at the last Cheese shows (hey it was my birthday) and I was thinking the same thing. Now who's going to have a big enough following to get a good lot scene going at Red Rocks? The Panic scene at Red Rocks has seemed to kind of die lately so I don't know about them. So who?

Then I was at last weekend's Yonder Mountain String Band show and I believe they are poised for a big step up the ladder. I don't know if its just because it was a Colorado show or because it was at red rocks but they packed out the place for the first time I believe and they put on a great show. They always sell out the Filmore when they play their stand there too.

Plus they look they are going to be around for a while yet. YMSB has my vote!

 #23806  by germfisk
I totally agree on YMSB. Their shows are unbelievable. THey have so much energy. I can't believe how much they can make you dance with no "electric" instruments or drums.

One thing, in my opinion, that sets them apart is that they write great songs. They don't just put together something to jam out, but write great songs first, then worry about jamming...

 #23848  by lostsailor8782
Whats a jam band ?????

 #23917  by warrenMFKNhaynes
Personaly my fav bands that are still playing are, Allmans, Mule, Panic, Ben Harper & the innocsent criminals, ziggy marley, jack johnson, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, North Mississippi Alstars, White Stripes, tons more. tho some of them arent "jam bands" just listing them

not phil n friends, Love phil but lets all admit that his voice is pretty mediocre.


 #25002  by confusions_prince
warrenMFKNhaynes wrote:not phil n friends, Love phil but lets all admit that his voice is pretty mediocre.
Maybe it is NOW. Wouldn't you agree Phil sounds solid singing on the studio version of A Box of Rain?

 #25003  by tigerstrat
fljen wrote:I'm a Ratdog girl.
Welcome Jen! We were just talking (kinda) about how this site could use a woman's touch... actually a guy was looking for a singer for his band The Cause. My own band was very fortunate to gain a powerhouse singer by the name of Keesha at the beginning of 2006, and our vocals took a major step upward when she came onboard.

I don't think its really a gender thing but mainly that this is a guitarist/bassist site and you don't hear much from drummers or singers or other instrumentalists.

...sorry to hijack the thread...

I dig Ratdog too! They are like comfort food. And Garaj Mahal shakes major butt! or did I already say that...

There is no void to fill... it's all in your heads!! :lol:

 #25013  by Rev_Roach
confusions_prince wrote: Maybe it is NOW. Wouldn't you agree Phil sounds solid singing on the studio version of A Box of Rain?
I think Phil's harmonies sound great on the Brokedown Palace clip someone posted with him and jackie. i don't really care for it when people trash Phil's singing, though I have to agree he can be... inconsistent.

and welcome aboard jen

 #25043  by krzykat

 #25044  by oconnors_35
Give The New Orleans Radiators a listen!
they rip it up!


 #25048  by Shaggy
Like looking for other artists that sound like Nike Drake you soon realise they are nothing like him, only influenced by him and thus too self conscious of the fact.

No one came close to the Grateful Dead before, at the time and after. We can all find tons of bands that play 15 minute songs and jam for an hour but they come from another school, and 99% of them bore me.

Go listen to Richmond Fontaine....

 #25145  by Django
Just a reminder, there wasn't a genre "Jam Bands" when the Dead and Allmans were in their formative years. That said, it was the discovery of 'Jambands.com" that kind of renewed my interest in pursuing more Dead music. I think I learned about the archive and nugs there. However, I haven't found any of the new bands I heard about on that site that I could really live with for long. Lumping Cream, the Dead, Umphries, and Les Claypool in the same catagory just seems contrived. I do like Mule and Leftover Salmon alot, but they aren't at all like the Dead.
P.S. When I say Dead I mean Grateful Dead!

 #25148  by spacehead333
YMSB will never fill the void. the are only bluegrass. cheese was almost everything. Yonder will not be able to do the electronica shit, and other stuff like that. i dont think the next cheese has arising yet. chew on that