#162033  by playingdead
 Tue Jul 31, 2018 7:10 am
Looking back, the RT-921 -- or at least the one I had -- was pretty hissy when I tried to use it directly in the signal chain right before the power amplifier and controlling the amount of reverb using the RT's mix levels. I think what I ultimately wound up doing -- even after I abandoned the Trio as the preamp -- was using a two channel power amp and running the dry guitar signal into the left side and then the 100 percent wet reverb into the right side and adjusting the balance where I wanted it. The power amp had a master volume on it so I could set the balance and then adjust the overall guitar volume later. I never really thought the reverb on the RT-921 was quite as good as some of the reverb tanks I've heard on Fender amps, though. But they all vary.
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